Defibrillator donation to Fair Hill PS

We were delighted to provide Fair Hill Primary School with a defibrillator last week. Please get in contact if you know of any school who needs assistance in getting one of these devices!

Defibrillator donation to Trinity and Bangor Abbey

We have been busy getting more defibrillators into the public in recent weeks. We are happy that both Trinity Nursery and Bangor Abbey are now in possession of these life-saving devices. In addition, Blair Lodge Residential Home and Crawfordsburn Primary School now have defibrillators on site. We have also helped to provide Bleary Primary School in Craigavon and Sion Mills Primary School in Strabane. Both of these schools had pupils with severe heart defects and we are delighted to be able to supply them with a defib. Pics from both these schools are to follow in the near future. Thanks […]