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It is our ambition to make EVERYONE aware of SADS and the conditions which may cause it. By educating the younger generation we can increase the number of heart conditions which may be detected before it is too late. We welcome the opportunity to come and talk to groups, be it small or large, to make them aware of what SADS is and who it can affect.

We have been in contact with leading cardiologists here in Northern Ireland and have set realistic targets on equipment that we intend to donate. As a result, we have already purchased over 15 life-saving defibrillators and placed them in local schools and sports clubs.

Contributing to medical research relating to SADS is also very important to us. Even after extensive pathologist testing, many cases of SADS remain a mystery with no abnormality detectable. It is therefore crucial that we extend our understanding of risk factors which may lead to cardiac death in the young.




The work that we do would not be possible without our volunteers. Donating your time and talent can make all the difference.


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