Brunswick Road Defibrillator

We’re pleased to announce the placement of a new defibrillator at McMullan’s shop on Brunswick Road, Bangor.

This would not have been possible without Jeanette, who generously donated this defibrillator to the community after the loss of her parents.

In Jeanette’s own words:

Tommy and Jean Cassidy

They had been together since they were 14 years old and celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary on 3rd Sept 2022. Neither mum or dad had any cardiac problems but on the 20/11/2022 my dad suffered a heart attack and passed away at home in Belfast. Mum came to stay with me in Bangor where she herself suffered a heart attack and passed away on the 04/12/2022 just two weeks after dad. Some people say she died of a broken heart.

I want to thank you and Danny’s Foundation for helping with the installation of the defibrillator at McMullan’s shop. I am delighted that something positive has come from such a devastating time in my life. I smile every time I pass the defibrillator.